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BookEnds, LLC, is an innovative and energetic literary agency. We represent a diversity of authors, from true 
crime, self-help, and business writers to mystery, romance, and women's fiction novelists. BookEnds works with 
authors and publishers to produce the books we all want to see on our shelves.

Newest BookEnds Releases


Snowed in with Her Ex book cover
Snowed In
With Her Ex
Lie of the Needle book cover
Lie of The
Never Surrender to a Scoundrel book cover
Never Surrender
To a Scoundrel
For Whom the Bluebell Tolls book cover
For Whom The
Bluebell Tolls


Snoop to Nuts book cover
To Nuts
Lethal Lies book cover
Hope Rising book cover
Divorced, Desperate and Dangerous book cover
Divorced, Desperate
and Dangerous